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Extra Large Female Xenopus Laevis
For a Really Wild Animal Pole !
We highly recommend our "Wild Type" Xenopus laevis
These colossal sized specimens (9 -14 cm) are perfect for harvesting high quantities of firm oocytes for microinjection.

  Xenopus laevis
"Wild Type"

Common Name: African Clawed Frog or Common Platanna
Origin: South Africa
Tetraploid 2n=2X=36
Size: Large
Adult female SVL 90-140 mm

IMP XL M Adult Male Xenopus laevis $22
IMP XL FM Adult Female Xenopus laevis (9 -14 cm) $26
HCG IMP FM hCG injected Mature Female Xenopus laevis FAQ $28
OP IMP FM Oocyte Positive hCG Tested Female Xenopus laevis FAQ $28

Female and Male Lab Bred Xenopus Laevis

Xenopus laevis - Lab Bred Plump captive bred adults are a smaller version of our best selling "Wild Type".

Recommended for Natural Matings.

LB XL M Lab Bred Adult Male Xenopus laevis $22
LB XL FM Lab Bred Adult Female Xenopus laevis ( 7.5 - 9 cm) $26
LB HCG XL FM hCG Injected Adult Female Xenopus laevis ( 7.5 - 9 cm) FAQ $28
LB OP XL FM Oocyte Positive Female Xenopus laevis ( 7.5 -9 cm) FAQ $28

X. Laevis Tadpoles X. laevis Pollywogs Xenopus laevis -
Lab Bred Tadpoles & Juveniles

Tadpoles selected by Nieuwkoop and Faber Stages that you request.

TAD Xenopus laevis Young Tadpoles 100 per unit.
Please Specify Uncurling or Free Swimming.
TAD 1 Xenopus laevis Tadpole with Hind Limbs (NF St 48 - 57) $ 1.50
TAD 2 Xenopus laevis Tadpole with Hind Limbs and Arms (NF St 58 - 62) $ 2.00
TAD 3 Xenopus laevis Frog with Tail (NF St 63 - 65) $ 2.50

SM XL Small Pigmented Xenopus laevis Froglet (unsexed NF St 66)
Quantity Discounts Available.
$ 3
M XL Medium Pigmented Xenopus laevis Frog -Sexed $12
Y XL Young Adult Xenopus laevis Frog Male or Female $15

Female and Male Albino Xenopus Laevis


Xenopus laevis - Lab bred (Albino)

  Albino Pollywog   Albino Froglet with Tail

Tadpoles selected by Nieuwkoop and Faber Stages that you request.

ATAD Albino Xenopus laevis Young Tadpoles 100 per unit
Please Specify Uncurling or Free Swimming.
ATAD 1 Albino Xenopus laevis Tadpole with Hind Limbs (NF St 48 - 57) $ 1.50
ATAD 2 Albino Xenopus laevis Tadpole with Hind Limbs & Arms (NF St 58 - 62) $ 2.00
ATAD 3 Albino Xenopus laevis Frog with Tails (NF St 63 - 65) $ 2.50

SM A XL Small Albino Xenopus laevis Froglet (unsexed NF St 66) $ 3
M A XL Medium Albino Xenopus laevis Frog -Sexed $12
Y A XL Young Adult Albino Xenopus laevis Frog Male or Female $15

A XL M Sexually Mature Albino Xenopus laevis Adult Male ( 7.5 - 9 cm)  $22
A XL FM Albino Xenopus laevis Adult Female ( 7.5 - 9 cm) $26
HCG A XL hCG Post-injected Adult Female Albino Xenopus laevis ( 7.5 - 9 cm) $28
OP A XL Oocyte Positive hCG Tested Albino Xenopus laevis ( 7.5 -9 cm) $28

Reticulated Xenopus Laevis Albino
Reticulated Albino Female

  Xenopus Laevis - Lab bred (Albino Reticulated Pattern)

ARP XL Small Albino Reticulated Xenopus laevis Froglet (unsexed) $10
ARP XL MED Medium Albino Reticulated Xenopus laevis Male or Female $18
ARP XL M Sexually Mature Albino Reticulated Xenopus laevis Adult Male $30
ARP XL FM Sexually Mature Albino Reticulated Xenopus laevis Adult Female $30

Tetraploid 2n=20
Size: Medium to Large
Adult female SVL 65-95 mm

  Xenopus Muelleri- Lab bred

Common Name: Mueller's Clawed Frog
Origin: Eastern and Southern Africa.

XM M Sexually Mature Xenopus Muelleri Adult Male $28
XM FM Sexually Mature Xenopus Muelleri Adult Male $28

Lab Bred Xenopus tropicalis
Xenopus (Silurana) tropicalis

  Xenopus (Silurana) tropicalis - Lab bred

  All stock originate from Grainger Lab Strains. Our Adults are at least 1 year old.
Tadpoles available during summer months.

Common Name: Tropical or Nigerian Clawed Frog
Origin: West Africa. Senegal to Cameroon.
Diploid 2n=20
Size: Small to medium
Adult female SVL 43-55 mm



XT Xenopus (Silurana) tropicalis Froglet (unsexed) $10
XT M Sexually Mature Xenopus (Silurana) tropicalis Adult Male $28
XT FM Sexually Mature Xenopus (Silurana) tropicalis Adult Female $28

Xenopus Borealis Ventral

  Xenopus borealis- Lab bred

These are beautiful frogs. Dorsally they are a purplish gray tint with spots. Ventrally they have white stomachs and sulfur yellow colored legs with purple spots. A hobbyist's favorite. Can live in same tank with X. laevis. Males have an amazing loud call.

Common Name:
Kenyan Clawed Frog
Origin: Kenya
Tetraploid 2n=2X=36
Size: Medium
Adult female SVL 73-95 mm

XB Medium Xenopus borealis -Sexed $15
XB M Sexually Mature Xenopus borealis Male $28
XB FM Sexually Mature Xenopus borealis Female $28

  Xenopus borealis- Lab bred

Xenopus borealis produces a larger tadpole than X. laevis. These can be made available upon request.

Xenopus Culls
These adult Xenopus laevis frogs that do not meet our high standards. When available may be substituted for grass frogs (Rana pipiens) or bullfrogs (Rana catesbeiana) . These frogs may have abnomalities or injuries. These specimens can be used for many purposes including morphology studies, organs, eyes, dissection, tissue culture, blood work.
Pigmented and Albino.
NB XL Non Breeder / Cull Xenopus laevis $8.00

Frog Food /Xenopus Diets
We have developed our exclusive Complete Xenopus diets through years of trial and error. Formulated to our rigid specifications to provide laboratories and hobbyists with premium grade African Clawed Frog Food. Manufactured under ISO 9001:2000 guidelines. Our African Clawed Frog Food is without a doubt the most complete balanced and stable diets.  Feeding Info

SFF-3/32" Sinking Frog Food
This is what we feed our Colony.

  Sinking Frog Food -3/32"
Juveniles and Adults (100% sinking)

SFF-Sinking Frog Food 3/32" (1 Lb.) $3.50

FFF- 3/32" Floating Frog Food

  Floating Frog Food -3/32"
Juveniles and Adults (50% floating, 50% sinking)

FFF-Floating Frog Food 3/32" (1 Lb.) $3.50

FFF2- 3/16" Floating Frog Food

  Floating Frog Food -3/16"
Large Adults (100% floating)

FFF2-Floating Frog Food 3/16" (1 Lb.) $3.50

TP-Tadpole Powder

  Tadpole Food
Our Super Premium Tadpole Diet is for all stages of tadpoles. Makes one gallon (recommended) or can be sprinkled in dry.

TP-Tadpole Powder $3.50

Sinking Worm Pellets

Highly Digestable
1" of Pellet = 8" of Live Worms
Reduced Feeding with Less Cleaning
Just Worms, Brine Shrimp,
Marine and Vegtable Protein


LSW3 Large Sinking Worm Pellets 3 oz $9.50
LSW6 Large Sinking Worm Pellets 6 oz $22.50
LSW12 Large Sinking Worm Pellets 12 oz $35.50
LSW20 Large Sinking Worm Pellets 20 oz $54.00
LSW48 Large Sinking Worm Pellets 48 oz $112.00

IXD-Irradiated Xenopus Diet

Irradiated Adult Xenopus Diet

Xenopus express™ has partnered with Zeigler® to offer an Irradiated Xenopus food. These 3.0 mm Floating Pellets contain all necessary nutrients for a complete diet. Formulated to minimize excreted waste to help maintain optimal water quality. Manufactured under ISO 9001:2000 guidelines to ensure quality and consistency and then irradiated inside a 12 oz resealable foil bag. Use within 3 months of opening. Unopened bags may be stored up to two years. Click for Ingredients and analysis.

IXD-Irradiated Xenopus Diet (12 oz) $13.99


Full House


Xenopus Enrichment Tube

Make your frogs happy with our Xenopus Enrichment Tubes.

PVC Tubes are 4" in diameter by 11" long. Xenopus sp. naturally like to hide.
These frog tubes are enriching and comforting to your frogs.

Custom lengths available upon request.
XET Xenopus Enrichment Tube $5.99

Xenopus Enrichment Pad

Xenopus Enrichment Pad
Xenopus tropicalis / Silurana sp. love to bask on the pads. Larger Xenopus laevis hide below them.

XEP Xenopus Enrichment Pad $5.99

What We Use !


Keep your frogs healthy! Lymnozyme, when used on a regular weekly basis, will keep the Aeromonas, Pseudomonas (the cause of
Red-Leg) and other pathogens levels so low, they will not affect your frogs. Lymnozyme study and brochure (PDF file):LymnoStudy_brochure_2007.pdf

New improved formula requires no refrigeration. Product remains viable at room temperature for over 2 years

LZ LymnoZyme 8oz Bottle (Treats 2,365 gal) $15.99

® Water Detoxifier
  • For Chlorine, Chloramine, And Ammonia Removal
  • A True One-step Liquid Chlorine, Chloramine, And Ammonia  Remover
  • Nontoxic To Fishes, Aquatic invertebrates, And Other Aquatic Life
  • Fast Acting Within Five Minutes, Simple To Use
  • Effective In Removing Toxic Pheromones From The Water
  • Does Not Remove Any Oxygen From The Water
  • Amine-Free

  • An instant, easy-to-use, water detoxifier that performs over six vital functions.  It removes ammonia, chloramine, toxic pheromones, and chlorine.  It is used for water changes, crowded aquaria, and control of toxic ammonia during the nitrogen cycle. 

    Has increased ability to neutralize all Nitrates and Nitrites. Recommended dosage: 1 teaspoon per 10 gallons of water. 

    AMQ Amquel + Detoxifier 16 oz. (Treats 960 gal) $10.99

    ® Water Conditioner
  • Replaces Frogs' Lost Skin Slime With Virus and Bacteria Resistant Coatings
  • Adds Electrolytes To The Water Necessary For Fish Health
  • Disassembles Toxic Chloramines In The Water And Removes Chlorine
  • Removes Copper And Other Heavy Metals From the Water
  • Stabilizes By Buffers pH Of Tap Water
  • Amine-Free
  • NovAqua provides a protective coating when the natural slime has been removed due to injury, disease or rough handling. Detoxifies heavy metals and is capable of eliminating free copper ions. NovAqua aids in concentrating certain drugs and antibacterials at the diseased or damaged site. NovAqua also neutralizes chlorine (free and combined). Its buffering action is designed to assist aquatic organisms in adapting to new environments and to prevent pH shock

    NA NovAqua Water Conditioner 16 oz. (Treats 960 gal) $10.99

    ® Water Conditioner
  • Multilayered Protective Slime Coat and Vitamin Healing Aid
  • PolyAqua contains concentrated polymer colloids
  • Reduces copper concentrations
  • Contains vitamin B12

  • PolyAqua is a professional water conditioner, formulated for use by aquarists and pond keepers as well as professionals (shippers, dealers, wholesalers, collectors), who transport and handle large numbers of aquatic animals. This product combines the effective skin slime replacement properties found in NovAqua® with the addition of vitamin B12.

    PA PolyAqua Water Conditioner 16 oz. (Treats 960 gal) $11.99

    When added to your aquarium it will help replace the protective slime coating your frogs lose during netting, handling, escape and other times of stress
    . prevents the loss of essential electrolytes, protects damaged tissue against disease-causing organisms. Recommended dosage: 1 oz per 60 gallons of water. 

    SC Stress Coat Water Conditioner 16 oz. $10.99

    Stress Zyme
    Improves the development of the biological filter and helps clean a dirty aquarium. Contains over 300 million live bacteria per teaspoonful. Breaks down organic compounds that cause dangerous conditions such as ammonia and nitrite poisoning and low oxygen levels. Continuous use assures an active biological filter, cleaner aquarium, healthier fish and good water quality. No refrigeration necessary. Use when setting up and maintaining an aquarium. For use in fresh and saltwater.  

    SZ Stress Zyme Water Conditioner 16 oz. $11.99

    List Price: $59.95
    ISBN: 9781420091090
    Publication Date: Nov 20, 2009
    Binding: Paperback
    Pages: 180
    Additional information
      The Laboratory Xenopus

    Sherril L. Green, Stanford University, Stanford, California, USA

    Even though Xenopus is one of the two most popular non-mammalian animals used in biomedical research, their value in the lab suffers from a lack of standardization regarding their optimal care, breeding, and housing.
    Filling the need for such a reference, The Laboratory Xenopus sp provides researchers and lab managers with a practical, step-by-step manual that emphasizes the humane care and use of captive clawed frogs in basic as well as biomedical, and toxicological research.

    The Only Book of Its Kind Available to Researchers
    · Amply illustrated with 50 color illustrations of management practices and technical procedures, this how-to guide:
    · Offers quick reference on the humane care and use of clawed frogs in the laboratory
    · Illustrates management practices and technical procedures with figures and tables
    · Provides sources of additional information on frogs, feed, and sanitation supplies
    · Supported with hypothesis-driven research, this well-organized manual explores the full range of responsibilities facing individuals who work with this species. The content is divided into intentionally brief sections that allow for the quick retrieval of essential information regarding important biological features and experimental methodology, as well as compliance and veterinary care, husbandry, housing, and water quality management.
    LXS The Laboratory Xenopus sp (Paperback Book) $54.99

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    Shipping Rates (estimated)
    1 to 100 small Tadpoles or 1-4 Frogs $30.00-$75.00
    5-6 Female Frogs or up to 12 males $60.00-85.00
    Up to 15 Females or up to 30 males $75.00-$100.00+
    (Prices subject to fuel surcharges)

    **Live arrival guarantee: with Next day delivery live arrival is absolutely guaranteed with no exceptions unless stipulated in advance. Guarantee covers replacement frogs, if available, or credit towards next order. All claims for DOA's should be made the day the box arrives.

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    Our frogs are shipped in enviro-friendly eps polystryene coolers in a special media for cushioning and take great care to ensure their transit is as swift and stress-free as possible. Heat and cold packs are used as needed.

    Boxes hold up to 15 adult female or 30 male frogs.

    A $5.00 Charge is applied to each box used for frogs in transit.

    Our Guarantee is Simple...All animals are guaranteed for live arrival and to your satisfaction. 


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