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Xenopus News.............New theories regarding origins and spread of Chytrid......

Close encounters with Japan's 'living fossil'
When the chytrid fungus was identified just over a decade ago, indications were that Japan would be an unlikely place to look for its origins. With the discovery of chytrid on museum specimens of the African clawed frog (Xenopus laevis), an out-of-Africa migration spurred by human transportation of amphibians once seemed the simple likelihood. But just last year, a team of researchers led by Koichi Goka from Japan's National Institute for Environmental Studies published research showing that certain strains of chytrid were present on Japanese giant salamanders, and only on Japanese giant salamanders, including museum specimens from a century or so back; and that the relationship seemed benign.

Population genetics of the frog-killing fungus Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis


Husbandry and Care of Xenopus

FAQs Xenopus Express' Frequently Asked Questions
Xenopus Husbandry Xenopus Express' General Care Info 
AALAS Caring for South African Clawed Frogs
Amphibians: Guidelines for the breeding, care, and management of laboratory animals
Care and Handling of Xenopus Laevis A manual for housing, feeding and breeding the African Clawed frog
Colony Care  Info about housing, rearing, and caring for X. laevis
Effect of Water Hardness on Oocyte Quality & Embryo Development in Xenopus Earl W. Godfrey, PhD & George E Sanders, DVM
Housing and Husbandry of Xenopus for Oocyte ProductionLab Animal  32, 2 (2003)
Xenopus Care, Health & Disease: A Brief Overview by Masha Rand and Jennifer Kalishman, DVM, Columbia U.

Sick Frogs and Disease

Diseases of Xenopus Xenopus Express' (Graphic Photos)
African Clawed Frog Disease and Injury (excellent photos)
Disease, Illness and Injury Pictures (Graphic Photos)
Disease and Illness in Detail
Preventing Illness & Disease
Bloated Frog A Hobbyist's Account of Curing Bloat aka Dropsy
Treating Red Leg Klymkowsky Lab On-line Methods -based on Gerhart Lab Protocols
IACUC Learning Module - Xenopus laevis Common Diseases
Xlaevis.com Health and Disease

Xenopus Databases and Libraries

Axeldb A database focussing on gene expression in the frog Xenopus laevis
Genetic Map of Xenopus tropicalis
Jamie Davies The kidney development database.
Pedro's BioMolecular Research Tools A Collection of WWW Links to Information and Services Useful to Molecular Biologists. 
XDB is a Web data catalogue of NIBB/NIG Xenopus laevis EST project.
The Xenopus Molecular Marker Resource An excellent Xenopus link 
The Xenopus Oocyte Competence Net
Xenopus tropicalis EST project
Xenopus tropicalis - Analysis of a pre &post metamorphic cDNA library of the central nervous system.
The Xenopus Gene Collection (XGC)
Xenbase: A database of information pertaining to the cell and developmental biology of Xenopus.

  Xenopus Research Worldwide
Submit your lab URL

Dominique Alfandari ADAM metalloprotease function during embryonic Development. UMASS
Amaya Lab Homepage Research in Molecular Embryology 
British Xenopus Group
Leon Browder Post-transcriptional regulation, gene traps
Elena  Casey Developmental Neurobiology. Georgetown University
Jamie Davies The kidney development database
Doug DeSimone Cell adhesion, UVA
Finkielstein Lab Cell cycle regulation and death processes at Virginia Tech
Philippe Fort Rho signaling in the neural crest during Xenopus embryo development, CNRS
Dave Gard Cytoskeletal Organization During Oogenesis & Early Development in Xenopus laevis 
Earl W. Godfrey, Ph.D. Molecular basis of neuromuscular synapse formation in Xenopus embryos, EVMS
Tim Gomez Dynamic nerve growth imaging, UW
Horst Grunz Formation of the body plan during early embryonic development
Robert Grainger Genetics of X. tropicalis at the University of Virginia 
Sherril Green Xenopus laevis husbandry, biology, infectious and parasitic diseases of laboratory Xenopus laevis. Stanford U.
Richard Harland Axis formation and neural induction, University of California, Berkeley
Janet Heasman Cell adhesion, cell signalling, and cell motility. Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center
David Heathcote  Developmental Neurobiology 
Ali Hemmati-Brivanlou  Rockefeller University 
Michael Kavanaugh UMT, Neurotransmitter transporters, membrane proteins involved in reuptake & signaling in neurons.
Darcy B. Kelley  Vocal behaviors of the South African clawed frog. 
Kelley Lab Field Studies in Gabon (Xenopus)
Michael W. King  Gene Function in Early Development and Cancer. 
Chris Kintner Ph.D. Molecular biology of neurogenesis in amphibian embryos. The Salk Institute for Biological Studies 
Mike Klymkowsky Cell Biology & Development at Univ. Colorado, Boulder
Kristen L. Kroll Washington University, St.Louis, Neurogenesis
Barbara Lom Davidson College, Neurogenesis
Kelly McLaughlin Organ development and repair at Tufts University
Khaled Machaca  Oocyte maturation, Ca2+ signaling.
Pawel Michalak Evolutionary genetics, comparative genomics, hybrid defects, gene expression 
Randall T. Moon Xenopus and Zebra fish Research at University of Washington
Tom Moss L'université Laval, Ribosomal RNA gene expression, intracellular signal transduction
Klaus Richter Neural Development in Xenopus 
Jacques Robert U of Rochester, Evolution of Immune Surveillance, Tumor and Viral Immunity
Alan Roberts University of Bristol, Function of CNS
Ralph Rupp Adolph-Butenandt-Institute
Tom Sargent NIH Xenopus and Zebra fish Interest Group. 
Serrano's Neurolab Neurobiology of Xenopus Auditory & Vestiblar Systems 
Erwin Sigel GABAA Receptor Channels at the University of Bern (Switzerland) 
Donald Slish Xenopus oocyte electrophysiology at Plattsburgh State University
Sive Lab anteroposterior patterning in Xenopus & fish  Danio Rerio
Sergei Sokol Dept. of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics 
Nick Spitzer Biology at UCSD 
Tim Stearns Stanford U, Cell polarity / centrosomes
Brad Stith University of Colorado-Denver,  Biology Dept. 
Vance Trudeau  Dept.of Biology, University of Ottawa, Roles of sex steroids and thyroid hormones in sexual development
Max Ulbrich Molecular Imaging group, Freiburg, Germany
Katharine Ullman, Ph.D. University of Utah, Nuclear pore function through-out the cell cycle
Peter Vize Organogenesis of the kidney. 
The Wallingford Lab Molecular and cellular basis of embryonic morphogenesis at UT Austin
Grant Wheeler University of East Anglia, wnt signalling and cell adhesion
Woodland Lab Warwick, UK 
Mike Wormington, Ph.D Developmentally Regulated Translational Masking and Unmasking of Maternal mRNAs UVA. 
Wylie /Heasman Lab Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center 

Lab Methods and Protocols

Making CSF Extract from Xenopus eggs developed by the Kirschner lab at Harvard Medical School
The Gastromaster™ microsurgery video clips
Green plasmids Plakoglobin-GFP* in living Xenopus -Klymkowsky Lab On-line Methods
Identification of Individual Amphibians:
Guidelines for the breeding, care, and management of laboratory animals
In situ hybridization - method
Klymkowsky Lab On-line Methods
Methods Making & injecting embryos Klymkowsky Lab On-line Methods based on Gerhart Lab Protocols
Making RNA from Xenopus Klymkowsky Lab On-line Methods: Chi's & Shana's RNA isolation protocols
Neural crest transplants by Tim Carl of Klymkowsky Lab On-line Methods
Guidelines for Egg and Oocyte Harvesting in Xenopus laevis Approved by ARAC
Xenopus oocyte isolation, maturation, enucleation, fractionation & injection. Klymkowsky Lab On-line Methods.
freeze-brandingskeletochronologystomach flushing
Tagging Frogs Harland Lab
Whole-mount immunocytochemistry Klymkowsky Lab On-line Methods.
Xenopus (Silurana) tropicalis  An Amphibian Model for Vertebrate Developmental Genetics , University of Virginia 
UT Mem Amphibians: Xenopus laevis & Rana pipiens Anesthesia, Euthanasia, Estrus Cycle,  Identification, Respiration Rate, Life Span, Temperature. 

Photo by: Mark Olkiewicz

  Xenopus Web Sites
NIH Special Interests Groups -Xenopus /Zebrafish Interest Group 
Natural History Of The Upland Clawed Frog By Terry Gampper, Nebraska Herpetological Society
The Cape Platanna Brochure Cape Peninsula National Park - South African environmental conservation and ecotourism.
Xenopus laevis (African Clawed Frog): Narrative University of Michigan


  Xenopus and
Amphibian Development

The Amphibian Embryology Tutorial: Frogs 
Amphibian Embryos During Neurulation
DigiMorph Xenopus laevis, the African clawed frog The University of Texas at Austin
Dynamic Development Xenopus as a Model System in Developmental Biology 
Gastrulation: From Cells to Embryo Movies of different aspects of gastrulation with a strong emphasis on Xenopus.
Embryonic development of the African Clawed Frog
Gastrulation in Xenopus: Deep Fate Map - Animation 
Normal Table of Xenopus laevis (Daudin)The stages of Xenopus embryonic development.(France) Stages 1-46
Opisthocoela Familia: Pipidae (+Discoglossidae?).
Pictorial Atlas of Xenopus laevis Development Stages 1-50 By Will Graham.
Xenopus laevis stage selector All Stages 1-66 plus descripions.

Phylogeny of Xenopus
Molecular Phylogeny of Xenopus frogs (Pipidae):Speciation by auto- & alloploidy by Steven M. Carr
http://bioserv2.mcmaster.ca/evans/Evans.etal.2004a.pdf by Ben Evans

Lab Equipment
  GeneChip Arrays
The Affymetrix GeneChip® Xenopus laevis Genome Array

Automated Voltage-Clamp Systems

Multi Channel Systems presents the HiClamp, an automated voltage-clamp screening system for Xenopus oocytes.
The Roboocyte is a fully automated all-in-one solution for high-throughput screenings based on the standard Xenopus laevis oocyte expression system.
OpusXpress® 6000A Workstation Award winning automated parallel oocyte voltage clamp by Axon Instruments.

  Xenopus Microsurgery
and Videos

The Gastromaster™ is a microsurgery instrument intended strictly for embryo use. See video clips of microsurgeries on embryos, including Xenopus capping, organizer transplants, chick somite removal, and lots more. The Gastromaster Site & phone are temporarily down....Contact Steve Novotny directly at gastromaster@msn.com.

Gastromaster at Nepa Gene Japan / Asia.

Intavis Bioanalytical Instruments AG, Köln
( Instruments for in-situ hybridization )
Multi Channel Systems presents roboinject, the first and only commercially available fully automated robot for compound injection into oocytes, eggs, and embryos using industry standard 96, 384, as well as custom well plates.

Contract Research & Xenopus Oocyte Screening Services
Bayer Technology Services is an experienced partner for all electrophysiological aspects of modern drug discovery research. Their special expertise in Xenopus oocyte assays has led to the development of the Roboocyte automated screening platform.
ChanTest Performs rapid screens of test compounds for effects on cloned ion channels expressed in mammalian cell lines or Xenopus oocytes; Ion channel

Xenopus Housing

The XenRack™ by
Aquatic Enterprises

XenRack™ Xenopus Frog Aquaria Rack System

Aquatic Enterprises, Inc. has developed a purpose built Xenopus aquaria rack system, the XenRack™.  The unique features and benefits make the system incredibly simple to service while maintaining healthy water quality for optimal animal welfare.  The engineering of the tanks and Life Support System is the key to its simplicity and efficiency.

The Xenopus White Pages e-mail addresses for  researchers using Xenopus
IC Contacts of Trans-NIH Xenopus Working Group

Hobbyists: African Clawed Frog Homepages
African Clawed Frog Facts 
African Clawed Frog Info & Care Sheet by Alan Beck 
All About African Clawed Frogs by Chris Aslett.
Care of African Clawed Frogs Nice Photos of pet X. Borealis by Geoff Smith
Caring for Your New Clawed Frog
Choosing an African Clawed Frog (Xenopus) as a pet byR.D. and Patti Bartlett.
Fluffy's Frog Pond Jason's wild and wacky Xenopus laevis site. 
Frog Cam Live images from a frog tank
FroggyFriends Clawed Frog Help, Discussion and Info!
In Depth Information on Common Aquatic Clawed Frogs
Excellent Resource
Les grenouilles d'aquarium in Francais
Maintenant des Xénopus Laevis Caresheet
My Pet Frog African Clawed frogs & Whites Tree Frogs. Info on the care, housing, feeding , raising tapoles & cricket keeping.
Pipidae. org
Pollywog Care Sheet: Muller's Clawed Frog (Xenopus mulleri)
Tom's African clawed frog page! Last updated 1999.
Xenopolis The page of the one armed frog
Zjoba Frogs  Meet Swervin' Mervin and even order a Grow a Frog Kit.

FroggyFriends Clawed Frog Help, Discussion and Info!
DwarfAfricanFrogs Dwarf African Frogs
Aquatic Frog Forum Lots of posted messages from people interested in aquatic frogs.
The Pipidae Board

Mailing Lists   
Xine - A Xenopus Newsletter
UVA X. tropicalis *listserve*

Usenet News bionet.molbio.genbank.updates  
Usenet News group rec.pets.herp 
Usenet News group sci.bio.herp
Urodeles /bionet.organisms.urodeles Newsgroup Archive


Related: Pipa (Family Pipidae)

We are currerenty interested in buy Pipid Sp.
Please e-mail if you have available for sale or trade.

Pipa Aspera & Carvalhoi
Field studies on the Small Surinam toad Pipa arrabali near Manaus, Brazil
Photos Pipa sp . - November 1993.  Manaus, Brazil
Pipa Carvalhoi
Pipa carvalhoi Caresheet

Pipa Parva
Pipa Parva: Photos of The Spawning Behavior & Metamorphosis of Offspring by Lars Österdahl
Pipa Parva Photos of an amplexing pair by Michael Shrom
Pipa Parva Nice Photo by Joachim Schoelkopf who has sucessfully bred Pipa Parva.

Pipa Pipa

Video: A Surinam toad with babies emerging from her back. This animal is from the collection of Jay Sommers
Pipa Pipa  An Introduction to the World's Flattest Frog by Nathan Tenny. Excellent Site
Pipa pipa (Große Wabenkröte) by Simon Graser with detailed Illustrations.
Pipa Pipa Caresheet by Ruffnermountain
Pipidae Page By Kriton Kunz in German and English.
Pipidae By David Cannatella and Lori Bockstanz.
Surinam Toad by the Honolulu Zoo
Surinam Toad by Centralpets.com
Pipidae. org
You found a Surinam toad

Related: Hymenochirus (Dwarf Clawed Frogs)

African Dwarf Frog Breeding by Todley
African Dwarf Frogs at Frogland {Hymenochirus boettgeri}.(Don't confuse these with African Clawed Frogs) Caresheet. 
Determining an African Clawed Frog or an African Dwarf Clawed Frog?
DwarfAfricanFrogs Dwarf African Frog Forum
Dwarf Clawed Frogs (Hymenochirus boettgeri) 
Dwarf Frog Caresheet by Ruffnermountain
Dwarf African Clawed Frogs by Dave Sanford
Hymenochirus boettgeri: "Tiny African Tadpole a Big Sucker to Its Prey" National Geographic News November 7, 2002
Hymenochirus in Italian

Virtual Dissection and Tutorials
The Interactive Frog Dissection Designed for use in school biology classrooms. 
Frog Dissection Tutorial
Virtual Frog Dissection Kit  Program allows interactive dissection of a frog. 
The Whole Frog Project Computer-Enhanced Science Education 


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